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Discover, Explore, Experience for Yourself— 15-Day Trial. As you add additional boards, you create increasingly complex circuits easily and quickly, bringing today's electronics concepts to life. M Y //7SS RADALERT TAKES OFF You made a real contribution when you published the "Radalert" articles in the June and July 1988 issues of Radio-Elec- tronics.In all ways, the Contem- porary Electronics Series is an exciting learning experience that offers you the quickest and least expen- sive method available to master today's electronics. To order your first module for a 15-day trial examination, simply complete the card and send today! I was glad to see a follow- up article in the June, 1989 issue.

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That's why it's smart to review the products featured in our new 1989 'Problem Solving' General Catalog, and have the solution handy before assembly. With a Radalert, however, more people can begin to develop some understanding. (Maybe there is a Concorde flyer among them to report from 40,000 feet.) Eventually we will get a bet- ter feeling for what is around us, radiation-wise. Complete w/15" mono- chrome monitor (amber), 93-key Swed- ish keyboard (most characters are in En- glish), & CPU (*disk drives not incl!

Throughout your Series, laboratory experiments reinforce every significant concept. CIRCLE 127 ON FREE INFORMATION CARD O CD m u to 03 13 Letters Attri«n?

With this essential "hands-on" experience using actual electronic components, you master prin- ciples that apply all the way up to tomorrow's VLSI (Very Large Scale Integrated) circuitry. With your first module, you'll build this solderiess breadboarding system. Air AAO/O- EL £cr* ON/CS soo-a a/-co£//vrr aoule yard FARM/fi K, ML£.

If the card is missing, write to us for ordering information. The former is what determines how bright the pic- ture will be and the latter con- trols what colors will be seen. I bought a set and would like to re- late some casual experiences, be- cause here — finally — is a practical, portable instrument that gives you actual numbers, which can be used for meaningful comparisons.

w Mc Graw-Hill Continuing Education Center 4401 Connecticut Avenue Washington, D. It's the chroma that's referenced to colorburst— the luminance is something else altogether. I hope more people will report, especially users near some of the nuclear reactors.

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